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Musician Trolley Review – V-Cart Solo by Gruv Gear

On behalf of AudioTechnology Magazine (http://www.audiotechnology.com.au), I recently had the opportunity to test drive the spunky V-Cart Solo Trolley by Gruv Gear.

In a world of limited parking, long distance bump in’s, and narrow or sometimes non-existent lift access, it is every musician’s nightmare manually carrying gear in and out of a gig by hand! Add to this the challenges of navigating tight venue’s and doorways, it is very easy for both yourself and your gear to become physically damaged and fatigued! Musicians invest so much time and money into both the skills to play the instrument, and the actual instrument itself… isn’t it worth protecting our assets as much as possible?

This is where the V-Cart Solo steps in (or wheels in)…


 With a total weight of only 10kg’s and a maximum load capacity of 230kg’s, this product by Gruv Gear is worth every penny! The trolley has essentially four different operating modes depending on what you are trying to move, and an additional six wheeled ‘XL’ mode with the purchase of the ‘Solo XL’ frame extension. The cart can also be used as an angled cab wedge for on stage purposes if desired.


XL Frame 2

The cart is extremely well built and straight away feels like a quality product when snapping into place ready for use. With a powder coated black finish, and high manoeuvrability with its two caster wheels, the V cart solo has directly halved my load in time. Being a drummer I would typically have to do four trips to the car to get all my gear, that has now become two, and an easy two at that as now I am not carrying the gear by hand.

At around $300 – I highly recommend the V Cart Solo to any musicians / dj’s / photographers out there who are looking for a high quality solution to save their gear and also their backs!


–          Lightweight
–          Strong
–          High Quality build
–          Cut bump in times by half
–          Has many different uses / transport modes to suit almost all situations


–          When in 4 wheel ‘V’ mode, the trolley is tricky to navigate stairs
–          Price point is a little high, but definitely worth it in the long run
–          Requires the purchase of the ‘XL’ frame add-on to turn into 6 wheel, flatbead trolley

Summer Sunday’s 2014 – Thankyou!

A HUGE thankyou and shoutout to everyone who came down to to the show on Sunday and also a big thanks to the organisers of the festival! We had a really great time, and enjoyed being apart of such an awesome event for Ballarat!

– Ballarat City Council: http://www.ballarat.vic.gov.au/lae/events/summersundays.aspx
– Rex Hardware for doing sound: http://velorum.ballarat.edu.au/~rhardware/index.shtml
– Bindy Trembath and the event management team from Chatterbox Creative: http://www.chatterboxcreative.com.au/
– Shirazz: http://www.shirazz.com.au/