bio_tightBest known for his pocket playing and keen ear, Daniel’s rapid growth as a professional artist is the result of a determined spirit and pure hard work. Harbouring a natural talent for a host of different instruments, Daniel’s main focus is the drums. As a teenager attending Ballarat High School, Daniel was exposed to a very diverse array of music from a young age through the schools nationally recognised music program. This led him to possess a refined musical ear and an appreciation for a range of different musical styles.

Growing up playing drums in church, and being an avid member of the music ministry team, Daniel’s sensitivity to the rest of his fellow band members, and the overall sound of a group, is something that defines him from other players. Coupled with a love for Jesus and a strong connection with people, the result is what makes Daniel unique.

At a young age, while seeing accomplished Australian blues guitarist Geoff Achison perform at a local gig, Daniel experienced Geoff’s infectious passion for his music and a connection with his audience that he was keen to emulate in his own performances. Going on to study Jazz at NMIT Melbourne in his early 20’s, his love for grooves only became more tenacious, and his appreciation for live music was taken to new heights!

Daniel prides himself on being a proactive, interpersonal musician who raises the bar in bringing high quality musicianship to any situation. Whether it is playing on a session recording, doing local gigs, or playing at a wedding, the standard of his playing, communication, and overall musical experience is always of a very high quality.

Today you can catch Daniel playing with a number of bands and projects that usually stem from his funk, soul, gospel and jazz backgrounds. With more than a decade of professional lessons under his belt, and a gift that has been refined by listening and learning from the some of the best musicians in the Australian jazz, funk and gospel music scenes, Daniel’s drumming and musicianship is something that is highly sought after!